Wednesday, June 15, 2005


oh my gosh. there is so much to say and i am already seven minutes over the amount of time that i am allowed to be on this computer. it's insane. why is there internet in only like one place in this town? well i guess we have it at work, but i haven't figured out where yet.
okay so maine!
rocky precipes, beautiful mountains, turgid oceans, rocky and sand beaches, the cutest shops and restaurants ever, seals, whales, puffins, this place is great.
it has everything except for all of my wonderful friends!!!! so come visit me and make this place perfect!
i live in a barn (wild huh?) it's not as barn-like as i thought it would be though. i get my own room which is nice. it's kind of weird here though, monday was in the nineties and humid as all get out, but today it's in the fifties and raining. like the 50s! i haven't felt that kind of weather in forever! okay so i have to get off because the girl that signed up after me is wanting the computer but i love you all and i'll try to write more later

16 Holland Ave
Bar Harbor, ME 04609
write me and i'll write you back!! promise

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