Thursday, May 26, 2005

no internet?!

so i was back in utah for this past week and a half. my roommates were busy getting everything ready for their wedding. since i had to bring a bunch of stuff home for the summer i had to drive so that i could have enough room so four days of that week and a half was just driving. but yeah so since we were driving it took forever and --no internet-- then i get to my apartment and find out that we apparently didn't get internet for this month so --no internet-- for even longer so i have been severly internet deprived.
*shout out* to jacob jackson for checking my email for me and then reading them over the phone.
so my roommates/cousins are both married now. melissa cannon and sarah marble. kind of weird. i'm really happy for them though. being a bridesmaid was a blast. if i can narrow it down to one picture i will post it on here. there were a lot of pictures taken though.
oh yeah i dyed my hair again. i'm not a brunette anymore.
why does life have to be full of so many choices?! i'm so sick of them. especially when someone always loses no matter what scenario is picked.
so i find out on friday whether we're going "grease" or "it's a bird, it's a plane, it's superman" i kind of hope it's superman... i wonder what part I'll get in which ever play the director's choose to do.
i hope jacob's arm is okay. he goes to the doctor tomorrow (well i guess today since it's almost two in the morning) he might have to have surgery on it. darn basketball.


i had a deep talk with one of my friends today randomly. we were sitting in a catholic church listening to one of my friends practice the songs he and his cousin are singing at his sister's catholic wedding this saturday. sitting in the church made my friend and i think about religious things. we have really different points of view because i was raised LDS (mormon) and he was raised with no set religion. his parents thought he should get to chose for himself (but they raised him vegetarian regardless of whether he wanted to or not, so i think that's kind of interesting) but yeah so they didn't teach him anything. he just took it upon himself to go to bible school while he was in high school because he wanted to learn about christianity. he has picked a specific religious sect but he's looking. anyway so we got talking about abortion and homosexuality and war and the afterlife and it was really nice to actually talk to someone about beliefs and things that matter. so many conversations these days just are lacking intelligence and are just full of superfluous things.

i really, really have to go to bed.
and oh yeah, i'm really annoyed with how i say "good" when i'm supposed to say "well"

1: How did your year go?
2: Good.

AGH i'm so wrong to say that. I should have said "well" but it was too late and i sounded like an idiot and TWO people definitely corrected me at the same time. but hey at least they know what i should have said. i need to work on grammar. but i really don't feel like capitalization and the works are needed for this blog.

oh yeah when we were driving through colorado there was a store that said it sold "dry goods and notions" does anyone know what a notion is? i don't really have a notion what it could be.

***you had me at hello***

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