Friday, May 13, 2005

dream ugh

i had a horrible dream last night. it made me wonder if i am insecure about something right now.
so in my dream one of my best friends stole my boyfriend, my sister's love, all of my friends, singing career, and hottest dresses. then she framed me for murder and everyone believed her.
it was horrible. it was so believable that no guy could ever want me more than her. my boyfriend picking her was definitely the worst part. worse than the murder part.
and then my sister!
and my friends!
and my voice!
and my clothes
it was like dang girl... just shoot me.
so then i stood up one of my friends this morning because i still felt so horrible about the dream and hadn't actually realized that it wasn't real so i stood her up.
now that i realize that i am awake now and none of those things have happened, i feel really guilty about standing her up. but how am i going to explain that i had an evil dream about her???
hm... maybe she'll find it funny... flattering?

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