Friday, May 6, 2005

delta jazz band

worth flying home early for.
it was great guys. i feel so worthless about missing it last year.
this year's was amazing good great
i think the best part was watching jacob's face whenever the guest musician (coffin or something... he was amazing) whenever he played something incredible jacob would get that look on his face. it was great.
there was a really, really talented junior named joy there too. wow. she composes music.
amazing how much talent there is lurking around in some people just waiting to be encouraged.
the dewitts were there too because sarah's boyfriend elliot was in the jazz band. he did really well too. it was cute watching her watch him do his thing.
*shout out* to all of those peeps that made the evening's performance great. it may have been the first band concert *cough* that i didn't fall asleep during
(never call it a band concert in jacob's presence... it's like a jazz show or the super sonic jazz extravaganza or something to that effect)

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