Saturday, April 23, 2005


crazy weird.
i'm home. i'm really happy to be back but it's kind of weird in a way too.
like i'm back with my parents after living on my own. i like that my mom cooks me food again, but i don't like that it's their house, not mine. if you know what i mean, however i am still just in college so it's okay. it's worth it to be home and they're not trying to run my life or anything, it's just weird to feel "demoted" even though they really haven't done anything to demote me. yeah i'm certifiably weird
i got to see some old friends last night and it was really fun. i love all of you! i hope i get to see more people soon
i have to get a job or i will go out of my mind in boredom and that is NOT allowed
i miss some of my utah friends. i'm mad at christian though.
smallville season three rocked my world
i'm afraid to call a lot of my old friends -- specifically the ones that i haven't been able to stay in contact with. i love them and want to see them but i'm (probably unreasonably) worried that they don't care about me anymore. we'll find out i suppose. good thing i love myself...

it's nice to be home sweet home -- kind of surreal though.

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