Sunday, April 17, 2005


so jajaja okay my dream last night.
i'm playing soccer with a bunch of friends. but in a weird like old barn and to get from one half of the soccer field to the other you have to go through this rickety door. it was weird, but fun. so my cell phone kept ringing during the game but i didn't want to answer it because i was playing. so finally one of my friends that wasn't playing answered it and it was my mission call! i was being sent to Greece! random, i don't know anyone that have ever served in Greece. i'm assuming it's an area that is open to us though. so yeah... then nalini, diana, christian, and i had to go to a different city to meet up with some friends. i'm the one driving. but as soon as i get on the freeway all of the cars around me are driving at the speed of light! so i have to speed up too, which speed of course causes my length to contract in the direction I'm moving and our mass to increase. crazy madness huh. so it's scary driving that fast and i didn't really like this part of the dream because the road kept changing so i had to keep switching lanes so that i wouldn't end up off of the freeway. so we made it to where we were going and all of our friends are there and we celebrate my mission call to greece.
random dream.
funny thing is when i woke up i didn't remember that my mission call to greece was just a dream so i'm eating cereal thinking about my upcoming mission and then i come back to reality and remember i'm not old enough yet. jajaja

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