Friday, April 15, 2005


eu estou doente e eu acho que eu vou morrer! que tristeza. eu quero TIRAR minha cabeza.
okay seriously. i am sick. BLEAH.

i fly home next week!
like i have no way to express how excited I am! I haven't really told anyone yet because I was going to surprise everyone, but I called my dad on Monday and asked him if he would please fly me home and not make me wait a month like we were planning and he said okay!!!!!!!!!! So yeah, now the people that know will be my faithful blog readers. You guys are wonderful. And by you guys I mean Eric Boyce and Courtney Workman. Jk, there are other people that read it too. *grins* Seriously though, I am so pysched. I've gotten through three finals and I've only got four to go and then I'm home baby!

Can't wait to see you!
(I'm kind of sad about leaving at the same time)

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