Monday, April 4, 2005

crappy but happy

oh man. so my weekend had a lot of bad things happen but for some reason i feel great. i don't know why i'm happy...

it began friday morning. i stayed up until three reading a book that had the worst ending of my life so it totally wasn't worth it. then i slept in because i didn't hear my alarm clock go off so i missed two classes. one of them i really needed to go to because we took a quiz and i've already missed four quizzes in that class bc of getting there late or having like dancesport and i entered the class two weeks late. so crap. then i had my first job interview of my life. it was a group interview. i like started crying the first question they asked me and then i gave three answers. like i started telling two stories and then stopped saying wait that's not what you wanted and then finally i finished my third story but it didn't really work either.
friday evening i found out that my newest crush has a girlfriend which makes me angry at him for hitting on me. one of the other guys that i kind of liked didn't know my name. i was just the "gringa" great. another guy to add to the "luzir rule" jajajaja so i'm not pleased so i get moroni to take me home and while we're leaving i see a guy that i did want to dance with. shucks.

saturday begins and it's general conference weekend. so that's a good thing. bad part. bridesmaids buy their own dresses. i didn't know that. i thought if i bought it i would get to help pick it out. but whatever so yeah i spent 136 on a lavender prom dress looking dress. whatever. then sarah and melissa are in a... tension... sarah is getting married may 20th to jeff. melissa is getting married mary 21st to kyle. sarah is melissa's matron of honor. jeff wants to leave on his honeymoon right after melissa's wedding. melissa wants sarah to stay for pictures and the reception. sarah thinks melissa is lucky she's even staying for the wedding. melissa doesn't understand why her best friend and sister doesn't want to be there for what is like the most important moment of her life. i am their roommate that is getting pulled into the struggle, but it's a very female problem. males would have talked about it or punched each other or something. sarah and melissa just talk to me, their fiancees and their mom about it. then their mom talks to the other daughter about it. it's a scandal. all that has been figured out so far is that sarah didn't have to buy the 136 dollar dress that she would only wear for like five minutes. i did get sarah to help me clean the house on saturday to work her frustration out so that's a plus.

today i've spent the whole day with my roommates and their fiancees (not at the same time of course) again and i'm up to here pretty much. and now i'm home alone and have been for a few hours. man do i wish i had a car. i could be at the party with sarah jeff kyle melissa but i've had enough of being the spare tire in the trunk. (i'm not a third wheel because i'm the fifth).

but conference was excellent.

tomorrow i have to perform "summertime" in my vocal class. i'm a bag of nerves. i also have to give a TEN MINUTE portuguese presentation of a book. i have nothing to say for an entire ten minute segment. suck. it's like part of my final too...

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