Wednesday, April 27, 2005


wow that's a lot of blog entries!
so i drove up to lafa yesterday to chill with ames. it's kind of weird to have so many people that i don't really know call me "meems" and "mims" usually just good friends call me those. but they all know me from my sister who calls me those so they do too. it works i suppose.
s.j. is staying at my house in utah until she can move into her apartment. i wish i could have seen her.
big sad news... so my left hand is all swollen. i was picking amy up from the institute today with some of her friends when she slammed the front door shut on three of my fingers, right across the middle knuckle. the door was completely shut for a bit because like at first my brain couldn't believe that it was happening then i started crying because it hurt so bad and then i started screaming my head off because the pain was NOT going away then everyone was like "why are you screaming?!" (because i was like howling -- it was massive/scary) finally amy figures out that i'm screaming that my fingers are shut in the door but she doesn't believe me because she shut her door so long before i started screaming. so she finally opens it and kristy tells her to go get ice so amy sprints into the toot and gets me some ice and we're on our way. it took me a while to stop crying. it took amy a while to calm down because she kept hearing my scream in her head and it was horrible. stephen greiner called me a little bit later and i told him what happened but the reception was bad and he thought i said that amy had run over three of our cats instead of slammed the door on three of my fingers. jajajaja
so yeah i iced them for forever and now they're just a bit swollen and mangled. amy has a dented (or as she says "demented") finger right now too because she BROKE A SHOVEL while we were weeding the toot yesterday. how is that even possible?
stacy called me yesterday and wants me to audition for the part of Sandy in Grease that she is directing this summer. hmmm...

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