Tuesday, March 8, 2005

wow it's easy to waste time online

so yeah... someone left me a long stemmed red rose on my front porch... they didn't sign the card. it says "Michelle -- Just thinking about you!! Have a great day!" gr... not signed. jerk. lol i guess i should just be happy and let it make me smile like i'm sure it was intended for but i'm really frustrated that i can't thank anyone for it. soo... i'll thank all of you?

yeah so after FHE i went to my friend renata's house to talk to her and all of a sudden my roommate calls asking me where i am. turns out one the guys in my FHE group went over to my house to talk to me or something because he thought when i left FHE i went home. well yeah so then i thought my roommate was coming to pick me up but they decided to let the guy pick me up instead. so i walk outside expecting them but it's definitely him and he definitely did not drive. he rollerbladded... so he handed me my cousin's SIZE 10 rollerblades to wear (i'm a size 5...) i stood up and fell right over. it was painful. once i got used to wearing skates twice as big as my feet i was fine and it was fun. it was *gasp* a nice surprise. the weather was perfect and it was kind of fun and spontaneous -- creative. but yeah he's a nice friend i hope he doesn't like me as more than a friend. he does speak portuguese though so he's a cool friend. lol i hope all y'all have a great evening!

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