Friday, March 11, 2005


every spring i always get the desire to run. i think it's because there is too much track in my history. the weather is just perfect for running, not too cold, not too hot. however, man the air is a lot thinner up here in the high altitude. and there isn't really a good time to go running. on mondays and wednesdays my day starts at 7:20, on tuesdays and fridays they start at 6:20, and on thursdays they start at 8:20. so if i wanted to run in the morning i would have to wake up really early and then be tired in my first classes. then i don't get done with classes with never longer than a one hour break until 6 on mondays, 5 on wednesdays and thursdays, and 3 on tuesdays. however on tuesdays i have dance lab and salsa club and on wednesdays i have stake institute and on mondays i have FHE. so the only time i could run is like late at night. unfortunately i live really close to downtown and it's dangerous out at night in my neighborhood a young girl by herself. so... i just sit around wanting to run. i was on campus tonight and i ran some, but it just wasn't the same because i had my purse with me and that's just awkward. anyway. i love running... and being in shape...
don't you?

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