Thursday, March 3, 2005


courtney i'm glad you had such a happy day today!!

so yeah. i'm in a vocal skills class right now and we had our first in class performance today. one of my friends was my accompanist and well... she didn't start practising the music until yesterday and she decided it was too hard so she spent last night writing a new version and then well... lets just say it didn't go to well today in class. my professor came up to me afterwards to ask what was going on and i had to explain things and i think he'll be more lenient when he's grading my performance. i hope so at least. she started out the tempo wrong at the beginning so it was too fast and it sounded awful and i was trying to figure out what was wrong so i didn't concentrate and i forgot the words so i had to start over again. the second time through i just sang it and completely ignored everything she was playing... which is pretty bad too. oh man. it was really disasppointing. i hope i can find someone else for next time. it sucks because she's one of my really good friends to so i don't want to hurt her feelings. maybe if i had given the music to her sooner. i only gave it to her with like a week to practice. i asked her about a month ago but then i lost my planner and i couldn't remember when i had to perform and i asked my friend that was in the class and she said that it wasn't for another two weeks and then last week the teacher was like it's next week so i gave my friend the music on friday but she didn't even look at it until tuesday, but hey that happens. i was unprepared so she was unprepared. i feel like i'm missing apart of my body without my agenda though. EVERYTHING that i am supposed to do is written in there! agh!

happy birthday to jacob nicholas yesterday! big 17!!!

dance with me... make me sway

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