Thursday, March 24, 2005

no freaking way

so i open my mail and a nice bill for the phone company pops out. they want $110. oh my gosh. are they serious? okay so in january i try to get a landline right? i go and buy a phone and then i wait for a month but they still haven't activated it and they go oh sorry someone put a hold on your account. and i'm like okay why? then they find out that they wrote my address down wrong but never called me to find out what my real address is. so they push the date back and say that they'll have it activated some time in february. well february comes and goes and it's still not connected so at this point i'm like whatever nevermind. i still check my phone like every other day to make sure there still isn't a dial tone. now i get this bill in the mail but i have never even used the phone. so i'm like how can they charge me out of the blue when i don't even have a dial tone. so i go around the house plugging my phone into other phone sockets and lo and behold one of them does have a dial tone. screwed. so i've had it this whole time without using it or knowing it but i still have to pay the phone company 110 dollars. peeps it's the end of the month and the end of the semester i don't have that kind of spare cash lying around.
i am severly ticked off.

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