Tuesday, March 29, 2005

new friend

so you know how i always have fifty million crushes plus two? well one of them was named david. he's a really spiffy guy in my ward with brilliantly red hair (can't beat that). so i liked him and he's in my FHE group. i never got super close to him though because i liked him, but then one day i was talking to him and found out he had a girlfriend and i was like oh that sucks (which is weird because i never would have done anything about it anyway). but so now that he's taken i've been able to become his friend and he's doing my a favor by playing the piano for me for my voice class and i helped him out with some service projects he was in charge of and now we're just like good friends and i really enjoy talking to him. he's 23 (danny's age) and he has a little sister my age (but he actually thought i was older, which is a miracle because no one thinks i am older) so i don't know. something that sucked has now turned into something much better because i never would have gotten to know him if i still liked him. (because i'm weird like that) but no yeah he thought i acted older than 19, but he did admit that i looked younger than 19. lol i don't think i'll ever look my age but that's okay there are worse problems i could have,
i love suzy boyce!

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