Saturday, March 5, 2005


no seriously people. okay so i'm working on a research paper right? i go to the periodicals and i think i just made the amount of photocopies that could kill an adult oak tree. so then i'm looking for some other books... i am not sure where they are so i got to the third (main/ground) floor to ask at the information desk. well the person isn't there and it says to go ask your questions at a different desk, but there were too many people at the other desk and i didn't have the guts to go up to it because i never have before so i decide that i'm an intelligent blonde, surely i can figure out the library system on my own. so i look at a map and decide that the books i want are on the first floor. i'm there looking for the call numbers in the F section, but the ones i want are in the 300s and all i can find are the 3000s and the G section so i'm thinking man how weird i must be in the wrong place. so then i decide that maybe i'm supposed to be on the fifth floor. so i walk up all of the stairs to be a healthy girl and the books are definitely not on the fifth floor. so i check out the map again and i'm thinking man they have to be on the first. but i'm dead tired and annoyed so i take the elevator down and have my normal anxieties of the elevator killing me. so i get to the first floor and i look at the map again and i'm like man the only F call numbers are right where i was before. so i walk towards it and decide to start using my brain. i realize that the alphabet goes A B C D E F G. so the reason that i could only find really high F numbers and really low G numbers is because i was on the wrong side of the F section. flipping idiot. so i walk to the correct part of the F section (near the E's genius since it's a low number) and i find exactly where the books are supposed to be, but hmmm... they're both checked out. which i could have known if i had scrolled down longer on the webpage that i got their call numbers from. so this took me a really long time and well... i'm about ready to dye my hair brown after this experience.

i'm sorry if what i wrote didn't make sense because i think i forgot to use punctuation sometimes...

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