Saturday, March 5, 2005

dance with me . . . make me sway

the best dancer at the club danced with me last night! and he asked if he could dance with me again sometime! sweet. i also met this really cool bolivian and this really cool mexican. my friends went out to eat with their friends after the dance (so like three in the morning). lol thank goodness for 24 hour service!
my aunt cyndy is in utah right now. she flew in last night. she's the mom of the my two roommates. so yeah that will be cool. i haven't spent as much time with her as my other aunts because she lives in texas, but hey it'll be cool. i might even enjoy all of the wedding planning that's going to be going on. melissa asked me to be one of her bridesmaids!!!!!!! lol, all of a sudden now that i'm a part of it the weddings don't bother me so much. lol people are funny.
oh yeah and the weather has been in the upper fifties all last week so i've been super happy! i can even handle the fact that ball state has spring break and i don't! lol i love you!!!!

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