Tuesday, February 8, 2005

oh man

so... my roommate/cousin melissa and kyle are officially finally boyfriend and girlfriend. they dated four years ago and then broke up because kyle got scared of commitment. they have officially been best friends for the past four years and finally after loads of fasting he's finally asked her to be his girlfriend. i think it might be more than that soon though... i wonder if i'll need to be looking for two new roommates next semester. it's been amazing to watch the change in him and the change in their relationship. kind of scary though, but hey i could handle getting married in four years... 23/24 that could be sweet.

an additional love fest is that one of my best friends from indiana, sarah jackson, flew out here this week and she's spending the next two nights at my house. of course since she is here jesse is here too and i pretty much can't stand how happy they are. well i can stand it, but it's just amazing to me. i've seen sarah go through a few guys and none have ever made her act this happy and silly before. it's amazing how comfortable they are with each other.
i'll find that eventually... all in good time

i know i was supposed to talk about the weekend... it was basically just dancing. super fun good times.


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