Saturday, February 19, 2005

oh man.

so i went to bed last night this morning at six a.m.
crazy go nuts.
we went to slc to go dancing and went to a huge latin dance in one of the stake centers there. it was a valentine's day dance apparently for the spanish speaking wards or whatever and i went with a bunch of friends. it was a dress up dance and they wouldn't let two of my friends in because the girl was wearing black dress up pants and the guy wasn't wearing a tie with his dress up clothes. one of our other friends sneaked them in through a side door (there were people watching at all of the main doors to turn you away if you weren't dressed up enough). my friend wearing pants was sitting down one song with her jacket on her lap and the girl sitting next to her was wearing pants and a chaperone came over and made the girl with the pants leave, but didn't see that my friend was wearing pants under her jacket. now this all sounds kind of nazish but to make it even worse there were girls there that were allowed in even though they were immodest! their dress lines were down really, really far and some of the dresses lacked straps or were halter tops. it was insane that they let immodesty in but not people just lacking a tie. it was like hypocrisy to the max in the middle of slc in a stake center. sad stuff.

no rain -- no rainbows

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