Wednesday, February 2, 2005

new people

so i danced with my dance partner for the waltz competition for the first time today. his name is derrick. we flow okay. he randomly served his mission in manaus so he knows portuguese.
i don't have my rhumba dance partner yet for that competition so cross your fingers for me that i can get a partner that can dance... and that i feel comfortable dancing the "dance of love" with... okay that will never happen but we can always hope.
i talked on the phone today for about an hour with a guy that i met on line last week. so that's pretty weird. i can't believe we had that much to say to each other, but we never ran out of topics.
i was supposed to get two phone calls from actual people i know and love but they stood me up, cellularly speaking... (i still love 'em though i'm sure they had good reasons)
my hand is infected. sad story.
i'm thinking about maybe being an english teacher. i know i've changed my major a gazillion times, but isn't that half of what being a freshman is really about?

a life without dance is not a life worth living.
and michael vartan is attractive. watch alias.

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