Sunday, February 27, 2005


so yeah if you want to get engaged come by my roommate because i'm a lucky charm apparently. so yeah kyle officially proposed to melissa today. she's got her blingin' ring now. woot woot.
so sarah and jeff are getting married on may 20th and she'll become a marble and melissa and kyle are getting married on may 21st and she'll become a cannon. i think it's funny that both of their soon-to-be last names are like real things. they're both getting married in the mount timpanogas temple. it's a really pretty one. they're not having a joint reception in utah though, but i think their texas receptions will be together. so yeah happy day for them.
i went on a date tonight. it was fun. i got asked on two dates actually. random huh? the guy driving got a speeding ticket. kind of funny. he was embarrassed, but no one cared, i mean it's not like anyone in the car had never sped before. i was with ken and we doubled with suzy and reed. suzy was wearing the cutest shoes i've ever seen.
i just pre-ordered the incredibles online. i'm excited to get it. it has a special feature on it where you find out what jack jack's powers are.

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