Tuesday, February 1, 2005

fun filled action packed weekend

yeah so... a bunch of somethin' goin' on!

FRIDAY: i took my physical science exam and did horribly. then i went to dance in concert. i was amazed. i laughed - i cried - i went home happy. it was seriously mind blowing. my mind was blown. i cannot imagine what it would be like to be able to move my body with the control and grace that they do. if the showing for saturday hadn't been sold out i would have paid to fly my friends from indiana down to watch it. then i called my friend moroni and he picked me up and took me over to his house where i was the only person not natively fluent in spanish. luckily my brazilian friend renata joined us later with christian so i could at least speak to someone in portuguese. it was fun though. we ate mexican food and turned his family room into a salsa party. then we watched a movie and i didn't get home until 3:30. sometimes i'm so sick of not having my own car because i'm so dependent on other people and i never get to come and go when i want. anyway.
SATURDAY: robbie's birthday was on thursday. as he is a fellow muncie staker it seemed appropriate to give him a night out on the town. we went to see the music man. i was very impressed. the dancing was so much better than i expected it was good enough to be a movie, not a college performance. then we went to the brick oven and that was tasty. we went to the BYU men's volleyball game (we're #3) they played ucla (#1) they had beaten them friday night, but they lost when we went on saturday. then we chilled at my house for an hour and went to go see phantom of the opera with kyle, lissa, and a bunch of their cronies. phantom of the opera was amazing. i bought the soundtrack today. i was so shocked that i liked it. i usually always like the original best, but this one does not pale in comparison to the broadway play. at first i didn't like the voices, but by the end i was sucked in and thought it was all amazing. i recommend it to everyone.

in fact i recommend my whole weekend to everyone. you guys should try it! :)

oh yeah and suzy and i had an epiphany today and i discovered why i don't have a boyfriend!!! shocking the brilliance that strikes you in the middle of jazz dance...

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