Thursday, February 10, 2005

dance comp.

so the international mock dancesport was tonight. reed came in third in the waltz out of everyone and didn't make it out of the first round of samba. the interesting thing about this competition is that we don't get to pick our dance partners (but we will for the real dancesport). so... there were 120 couples in the bronze latin division (rhumba) and 90 couples in the bronze standard division (waltz). i made it through three rounds in the waltz and through four rounds in the rhumba. so i'm pretty happy with how many call backs i made. i didn't expect to get out of the first round on either one so i'm pleased. :) i can't wait until the real dancesport. at that i'll be competing in samba and the quickstep. how exciting... no, actually the exciting part is that part of dancesport is the nationals competition. the first and second place winners will be the american representatives in the global/universal/all countries (whatever) ballroom dance competition. that means they are going to be so good. i love watching good people do amazing things on the dance floor!

remember, ginger roberts did everything fred astaire could, but in high heels and backwards...

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