Friday, January 28, 2005

well well well

yeah i haven't written in forever sorry about that. i've had a lot of things on my mind... like making cashew chicken for the first time. one of my friend's birthdays was yesterday and i'm doing stuff for it tomorrow and i called their mom and they really like cashew chicken. so yeah, the only problem with that is the chicken part. i um... yeah am not good with raw meat. actually, i'm pretty bad with it. but i figure a friend's birthday is worth it? if all fails i'm going to have my roommates help. *gulp* wish me luck! i'm a good cook with things that don't include raw meat so i should be able to manage.

i got a letter from my dad and a package from my mom in the mail yesterday. it was pretty boss. my mom mailed me a heated matress pad! i've totally had heating pads and heated blankets before but this is totally a heated matress pad! she's amazing. where do you find things like that? but then my mom is amazing at shopping. she finds the battery operated heated socks, porta-johns, and like flares. lol she's a gem.

i've been spending a lot more time with my new friends that i made last semester this semester. so i haven't been able to spend as much time as i used to with suzy and reed. this semester i have one class with reed and two with suzy so i still see them but i miss them on the weekends. i am having fun with my new friends though. i really think they would get along great too except that suzy and reed don't speak spanish or portuguese so they really wouldn't be able to talk to diana, moroni, haguit, christian, genna, or julio. well genna is american so they could talk to her and julio is cuban but raised in america so he speaks really well and so does christian because he's half americans but raised in colombia, ecuador, and argentina, however whenever they're all together (except genna) they all only speak in mostly spanish and some portuguese. they always forget to switch. it's okay because i can understand them but like my roommate felt uncomfortable when i tried to get her to hang out with them because she couldn't understand their english with the accent when they did remember. shucks. they're so awesome!

i'll work something out...
*shout out* to jonathan ridge and eric boyce for brightening my day with random emails and of course jacob jackson for his daily chick flick movie quote installment.

music that i love right now :
1, 2 step ciara
get right j. lo
baba baby kelly key

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