Monday, January 10, 2005

so . . .

yeah so it's been a long quiet break huh?
it was wonderful though. i definitely got to go back to indiana for two weeks and two days and it was wonderful! now i have straight school with two days of vacation until april 13th.
so this break was made wonderful by:
the posse, jacob jackson, stephen greiner, nicky sutton, anna clark, amanda mccartney, jacob nicholas, susi boling, andre pichardo, adler edwards, eric boyce, jonathan ridge, jeff butler, my wonderful family, stevie ray hahn, tago, and everyone else that i saw.
basically winter break was a never ending YSA party.

it's nice to be back though and have a schedule. i'm just not made to be on vacation all the time. i'm glad that i'll have a job when i'm back in muncie for the summer, because i really would get bored i think if all i did was have fun.

muncie had a random killer ice storm all last week.

peter, earl, amy, and andrew came out to utah for a week to visit with the wonderful peeps here. that was super tight. it was kind of crazy having seven people live at my house (along with our fourteen animals) especially since three of them were boys. we got a hedge hog and a turtle and six baby fish to add to our collection of animals (the fish aren't counted in the fourteen, we count each tank as one animal).

so yeah i got a cuddle pillow for christmas and it's so great.

danny's key chains for christmas 2004 read:
"a cutie with a booty needs a hottie with a body"
"the more men i meet the more i love my cat"

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