Wednesday, January 19, 2005

response to c work :)

From Courtney's blog

So, I just read Mimi's blog. And I have a solution to her rash dilemma. Are you listening Meems? Okay this is what you do:
Search your body for a pattern in the rashes. Look for interesting lines and dots. Then, once you have found one that you find incredibly artistic, simply play connect the dots. All you would have to do then is wear a shirt that shows that area and say it's a tattoo. Genius or what?

I love you Meems!

courtney that's pure brilliance except for the crappy fact that... the rash is only on my neck and torso... the only place i could connect the dots on is my neck or depending how low the cut of my shirt is somewhere on my upper chest. it's against the honor code to show the cool dots on my tummy and back. :) it's a good idea though! oh yeah... and it's against the honor code to have tatoos period. but i might connect the dots the next time i'm bored and see what i come up with, since no one else can see it i can go a little crazy with the designs! seriously though... i'm sick of people asking me if i'm contagious!
i love you c!
thanks for the note barry

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