Saturday, January 22, 2005

new experience

dag yo. okay so my mexican friends have been trying to get me to go salsa dancing with them, but i always turned them down because it made me nervous because i never had before and because i wasn't sure how comfortable i would feel being in the gringo minority.
but they really wanted me to go and they kept talking about how much fun it is so i decided to go last night.
okay so it's really fun. i'm not even kidding you really fun. the people are so friendly! like it's insane. if you make two second eye contact with a guy across the dance floor he'll come get you and ask you to dance. my friends said it is because i'm blonde but i seriously danced the entire time. the dance was at a different college's campus and we got there around 10:30ish. the dance ended at midnight but a large group of them and the DJ go over to a mexican restuarant and dance there until like 2:30 in the morning. oh my gosh my feet were killing me.
it's kind of funny because there were two guys there that i knew, because they were in my portuguese class and in the group i went with and when i danced with them i felt weird/nervous because i knew them and i would have to see them again so i danced really poorly when i was dancing with them, but i when i was dancing with total strangers i was fine. i might join the salsa dance club, because they teach you stuff and it would be cool to learn how to do it instead of just knowing how to follow the guy pulling you around in crazy ways.

another new experience today is that i gave my ferrets away. they are really expensive and time consuming and i couldn't take care of them anymore. i started crying. i am going to miss them. i hope the new family loves them. how could they not? they're so cute.
good bye luke and lola

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