Friday, January 14, 2005

how old do i look?

so my roommate melissa and i were at the grocery store the other day. we're in the line to check-out and the cashier said "you two aren't in college are you?" i replied "yes, actually i'm a sophomore and (pointing to melissa) she's a junior." to this the cashier was surprised and said "gosh you two look so young, i kept wondering why you were here buying groceries instead of being in school."
so yeah... i can see why i would look like i'm still in high school, but melissa has been out of high school for a while, she was home schooled and started college when she was seventeen.
she's going to be twenty-one in april and i'm nineteen so... i don't know, when am i going to start looking my age?
nineteen isn't even that old, but it's too old to be in high school.
better than looking thirty-five when i'm really nineteen right?

shout out to c work!!!! love her!

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