Wednesday, January 12, 2005

blog entry number fifty

so... i love how everyone knows everyone.
i'm not even kidding you. it seems like at BYU everyone that you know knows at least one other person that you know or if you're meeting someone there is at least one mutual person that you both know without knowing that you both knew them.
crazy madness.
point in case. i have a friend name jonathan that i met in my biology class. i saw him on campus today and was walking with him when i ran into my friend caitlin who lives in the same complex as one of my best friend's from home, reed. caitlin coincidentally used to go to the same high school as one of my ex's, eric. another random chance, caitlin used to live in the same town in texas that jonathan is from, so they knew each other but didn't know they were both here at BYU.
another example. i'm flying home from christmas break. i went indy to dallas to SLC. i get on my plane to salt lake city from dallas and lo and behold a guy sits next to me on the plane. we start talking and i say i'm from indiana. he asks where in indiana so i ask him how familiar with indiana he is and he laughs and says, actually i only know one town, muncie. i said dang wow that's the one city that i'm from in indiana. he apparently was mission companions with ryan boyce. how's that for random?

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