Wednesday, December 15, 2004

sweet life

so aaron flew in yesterday to go to the mtc. it's been nice to see him here. weird because i'm supposed to be calling him "elder" or "elder mccullough" instead of aaron.
so robbie bullough, sam noble, and i picked him up from the airport. i tried to hug aaron because i forgot but luckily he was on his toes and shoved his hand out so i got the friendly missionary hand shake lol.
he looks so different with his hair short and parted. i can't remember how long ago he wore it like that... maybe eighth grade? but then he looks more mature too so he is starting to look like his dad so it's confusing. does he look old or young? lol :)
then robbie, reed, aaron, and i hung out. we were going to go to salt lake to look at everything on temple square, but that never worked out.
reed, aaron, and laura jakeman came over to my house for dinner. that was nice. we played some games. we tried to go to squaw peak (for the view of course!) but it was closed because of winter weather conditions on the twisty mountain road.
this morning aaron, robbie, chris jacobson and i went to the temple. aaron wasn't able to baptize me because he's already been set apart and they can't touch girls, but he'll be able to baptisms when he's in the mission field, just not in the temple doing proxy work. so aaron did robbie and chris did me. that was still alright though. it was cool to have a friend that is my age doing it. it was a really nice experience.
then we all ate breakfast together.
we're meeting back up together sometime before noon. reed, robbie, and i are going to pretend to be aaron's family and we're going to drop him off at the mtc and do all of those family missionary mtc things.
i've kind of been neglecting my finals while aaron has been here. but i still have time. i've already finished three and i only have four left, and one is just a written thing that i have to email.
i love living so close to the temple. i've been able to go four times already while i've been out here. i used to only be able to go twice a year! see, there are perks to utah
i'm so excited about being home soon! i am completely, utterly PSYCHED about seeing everyone again.

i love you all!

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