Monday, December 6, 2004

christmas devotional

people it was so awesome!
i sat next to elder ballard!
within nine seats of me in any direction were eyring, nelson, oaks, uchtdorf, bednar, holland, and hales.
i shook hands and was introduced to president hinkley's son, richard, bednar, and ballard.
i don't know where scott, perry, wirthlin, or packer were. they must have been sitting elsewhere.
i was so tired though! i kept almost dozing off but i couldn't let myself because i was sitting next to an apostle. however when the choir sang their song where the three verses began with either still, still, still and then sleep, sleep, sleep and then dream, dream, dream i tell you what it was brutal to stay awake.
i really like the talks that the first presidency gave though
elder ballard told me that i had a beautiful voice and that i should keep singing.
it was so cool they have a totally special glow
i felt so silly though because i was so excited to see them and wanted to meet them and shake their hands and got so excited about seeing them that you could definitely tell that i was not from utah!
richard hinkley knew eric boyce because he was his mission president so that was kind of fun
brother bednar and sister bednar went to purdue and went to the institute and their time their overlapped a bit of the time that my parents were there! how boss.
i had a lot of fun with dan - he's cool.
jacob jackson is talking to me again!

i only have:
four days of school
two reading days
one sunday
five days of finals

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