Monday, October 4, 2004


so yeah i survived. :)
suzy and i hung out friday night. we were dancing with my partner from my social dance class. we're trying to get him ready to test with me on wednesday for our foxtrot unit. he's not completely hopeless... i just wish he would lead. s-) next unit is cha cha and i'm super excited about that.
one of my best friends called and has gotten their mission call to ogden utah so i'm super excited about that. suzy and i were so pysched that we started screaming and dancing and pounding pillows. :p
saturday was the beginning of general conference. i watched the session with robbie. it was fun. i haven't seen him in a while he had four or five midterms last week so he was a little busy. we were going to go eat at applebee's during priesthood session, but it was way too busy so we just ordered a pizza and watched a movie instead lol. i started really missing my muncie friends too but then i talked to one of my best friends from muncie on the phone and he made me feel tons better.
sunday i watched the first session at the marble's house with sarah and her boyfriend (it was his house) and then the second session i watched at the roush's! valerie myers, rachel willian, angie sutton, stephanie baker, suzy boyce, and i rounded out the muncie party there. sam didn't know about it until too late, sarah was in SLC, reed was in bountiful and who knows where scott and ryan were. antisocial. we're working on them. ;)
i really enjoyed the prophet's talk during the sunday morning session. that was great. i really need to hear that because i was feeling a little down about the woman's role in the church. it made me feel much better.
this weekend has been a super up and down one emotionally. my roommates saw me cry for the first time when i was really sad saturday night. but i am feeling super great now so i'm glad that life goes on
i decided i give mandy too many cat treats and she is seriously in cat treat denial right now. poor baby... ben roush is soooooo much taller now. it was insane how much he's changed in less than a year. i can't believe he's only a sophomore.
my sister is going to be here in less than a week!!!!!!!!

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