Thursday, October 14, 2004


so amy's gone. *sniff*
it was wonderful being able to see my sister and Al. and of course, Anna and John came down for saturday and sunday too so that was great. i got to see a lot of people that i haven't seen in a while, some people as long as four years. that's the kind of cool thing about byu, all of the mormons i have known at some point from birth all eventually end up here. so then i get to see them again and be like "omg i was named after your mom" or "hey! i haven't seen you since i was five!" cool random things like that.
there were a few downsides to having amy and al here. it reminded me of all of the other people that i don't get to see anymore - those people being all of my wonderful amazing talented beautiful muncie friends. also i usually try to get to bed between 9 and 10:30 but amy is one of those college students that go to bed between like 1 and 2 a.m. (i think i'm the weirder college student) so i got less sleep, because where she and al slept was above my bedroom so i could hear them while i was trying to call asleep, also i didn't get much homework done because she was here and i was busy doing things with her.
i'm glad that i was able to spend time with her. :) and everyone else that i was able to see this weekend.
it was a nice weekend, if somewhat long

oh yeah other great news. i took my second psych exam yesterday. my first one i got a 54 and this time i got a 69! i am so close to getting a C. i only studied one additional hour too, so i think that if i study even more next time maybe i'll do even better... now that may sound obvious to most people but honestly some classes i can study for one hour or ten and i seriously always get the same grade. that's annoying.

courtney if you're reading this - i'm sorry that your weekend didn't turn out like you wanted it to. i love you!

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