Saturday, October 9, 2004


so i finally made it to the temple to do baptisms. however it didn't quite work out as peacefully and wonderfully as i had planned.
it's a ward temple trip but when we showed up at 8:30 there were only about ten people there. that was understandable because a young man in my ward died last week and his funeral or viewing was this morning so most people in my ward were there.
so we go to the place to show your recommend, but apparently the baptistry has a separate place so we go downstairs and this old man cuts my recommend and puts it in a plastic sheath. that was weird. then they searched for our ward on the list and apparently who ever is in charge of planning these trips did everything (like put notes on every door in our ward) except for calling the temple and signing up for it. great. so the temple didn't know we were coming. so remember how i got there at 8:30? well i got done at 12:00. i only did six confirmations and one baptism and i could have sworn one of the people i did it for name was Robert Harry and my elbows came up once so i had to do it again. i cannot believe how many mormons there are here. out of control. three and a half hours. it wasn't even the peaceful feeling i usually get to experience either, because everything was so stressful for me for some reason.
then i picked up an ensgign to read while i waited and it was some random july 2003 issue, but it really seemed like two of the articles in that magazine were written for me. it was amazing. after that i felt great. God is amazing.

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