Friday, October 22, 2004

school bleahs

i need a fall break or something.
we get less vacation than a hamster out here
well theoretically that can't be true. you can look at it two ways
either a hamster's entire life is a vacation because it doesn't have to do anything except sleep eat and other bodily functions and maybe run around a wheel if it gets bored or you can look at it in the other way and the hamster gets absolutely no vacation. it never gets a day off from being a hamster. it never gets to fly or lie out on a beach or jump through trees like a monkey. so yeah either way i lied.
but seriously peeps
two weeks for christmas?
no fall break?
no spring break?
thank goodness we get wednesday thursday and friday for thanksgiving, but that's in forever and we haven't had any vk since labor day. brutal people i'm telling you.
now of course you're telling me that i picked this college.
okay back off. i did it's true
and i will be grateful when my school ends the third week of april and i don't have to start school again until the first week of september. okay that's nice.
but still people gente
i am so sick of reading assignments exams essays papers the whole ball of wax. and i'm one of the weirdo kids that like school.
okay i need to stop whining and just go do my homework.
and stop skipping social things that i'm supposed to go to. i need to stop doing that.

oh yeah there is something i can't skip that right now i want to. my roommate's fiancee set me up on a blind date with one of his friends. some guy named peter that i've never met in my life. so totally blind. this could be exciting right? i've never gone on a blind date before...
yeeeeea i'll keep ya posted on that one. 8)

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