Monday, October 25, 2004

rain rain

...go away?

yeah so it has been raining so much out here! it has been raining every day since last monday.
okay that might not sound that amazing to some of my indiana friends, where during certain parts of the year it rains all the time and floods, but peeps
i'm in utah
we are in our fifth year of a drought out here
see i thought in droughts you like preserve water and stuff but people are using their sprinklers and not limiting showers or anything. anyone see "a cinderella story" with hilary duff? yeah i thought droughts were like that
but here is just means that it's really dry and we're still using water even though we don't really have it and every summer there are more and more parts of the lakes that are too shallow for us to water ski in.
so yeah and it's a desert here. who knew. it's like antarctica, it's a desert but there is snow which is water so you're thinking how is it a desert? it just means it gets a lot less rainfall
the fact that it has rained every day for the past week is
to say the least. :)
and it's wet
and i ride a bus and walk every where
so yeah i keep getting wet.
that was pretty much what this whole rant was leading up to...
i'm getting wet a lot.
okay yeah then
have a great day :)

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