Saturday, October 30, 2004

one month anniversay!!!!!!!

hey today marks the one month anniversary of having a blog. my blog site has been looked at 400 times. i would like to thank viewers like you who made that possible.
lol. okay i'll admit it. when i first got a blog i would click on it and re-read what i had written just to make the numbers go up... but after that seriously it's all you guys
i love you guys
man i'm getting a little teary eyed here
i totally feel the love

okay. so i'm jamming out to michael jackson right now. the funny part is that i'm listening to it on my head phones so i'm just chillin' with my iBook and completely jamming.
it's an interesting visual.
i mean it must be or this many people wouldn't be staring at me. i like to do this in the library and seriously you draw looks when you're dancing sitting down to music that no one else can hear but i figure i don't have a boyfriend to embarass so i might as well please myself right? and myself is pleased by jamming
now i'm feeling the love with myself awww okay man you can tell it's the end of a really seriously long week because i'm starting to get a little weird.
okay i love everyone

may everyone have a visit from the Great Pumpkin (go read a Peanuts comic strip if you don't know what I'm talking about)
and for all of you peeps just keep waiting...decemberween will come eventually

i'm still wondering what happened to the goat in the black and white old school version of the hunchback of notre dame.
that director was amazing though. they made you think quasimodo was a monster, then they made you love him, then they turned him into a monster again but you love him now so you're all conflicted so you're like well he's not a monster because he was killing all of those people for the right reasons and then you wonder i mean is murder ever right? and then you're thinking even if it was wrong for him to murder all of those people can we really count a mentally handicapped person responsible or should we just pity him and realize that if he thinks you're going to hurt esmerelda he may kill you too? okay too much thinking whatever it's friday!!!!!!!!!!!

"i don't have to be me till monday" -emerson drive. great country song.

turkey vultures? anyone know what they are?

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