Thursday, October 21, 2004


i seriously feel loved.
shout outs go to c work, stevo, and bri gurl
i love the emails and phone calls.
i miss you guys so much. i can't wait until christmas break.
i am so sad that i can't be home for thanksgiving.
i really want to see everyone again, but i guess that happens.

so yeah i feel loved by my friends, but i'm still seriously not feeling loved by one specific person. i guess it's okay since i don't have someone in mind for that specific person. there are so many amazing people here. i haven't honestly met someone that i don't like. i think that's because i don't live in a dorm though so i have a high control over who i see. i have crushes on seriously like ten guys. well not full fledged crushes, but everyone is just so cool!
so yeah i'm abounding in happiness right now

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