Friday, October 29, 2004

hunchback of notre dame

so yeah i went to the library movie archives thing with robbie to watch the movie and let me tell you what... you'll go through a range of emotions

i only have one question after watching it...
so what happened to the goat?

no seriously, it blows my mind the way that things used to happen and i can only imagine what people in a hundred years are going to be saying about us now.

i guess in retrospect i enjoyed it. i mean it made me think so you've got to love something that makes me do that.

my first bio multiple choice test was a 53% (65% with the essay portion added in) and i decided that that was not cutting it for me. so i studied longer and got a 73% this time. wahoo! i can't wait until my essay portion is added in. the sky's the limit. how exciting.

so... yeah that was a good feeling.

thanks for the call jacob nicholas! sorry i missed it.
robbie thanks for going to the movie with me!

shout out to jacob jackson: i hope you're having a good day!

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