Sunday, October 17, 2004


why do people feel the need to ruin things?
you know in the movie mean girls where gretchen calls the blonde ditz plastic who's name starts with a k and asks her if she would want to know if someone said something bad about her and the other girl said no and then gretchen said well what if it was someone close to you and the other girl still says no?
well why did gretchen still have to tell her?
if they don't want to know then don't say it.
just don't talk about other people.
i am so sick of one of my friends telling me something and then another friend telling me something else and then me having to decide which friend i trust more and what the truth is and then having to deal with the fact that one of my friends is lying to me.

i hate lies. they're evil and they ruin people and relationships.

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