Wednesday, October 6, 2004


so... do ya ever feel drained?
okay here's the skivvy. i had an exam on friday. i had general conference all weekend. i had an exam on monday. i had an exam today and a rough draft of a paper due. i have two exams tomorrow and a paper due. i have a bass recital to go to on thursday and a quiz and a paper due on friday. but then
:) :)
my sister is flying in on saturday along with her best friend and my good friend allison, so things hopefully will be better in the world

lol my roommate came downstairs today and promised that she would try her best to not get too sucked into "sarah world" and get too self centered. she wants me to go dress shopping with her. i am excited about that
oh yeah and for all of my friends that aren't mormon, a head up on weddings here in byu... people meet get engaged and get married on an average around six months. it's not uncommon to hear about four months. people wonder why you're not engaged if it's longer than a year, it's kind of assumed that if it's longer than a year then something is wrong and needs to be fixed or you should just break up because it's not going to happen. it's crazy madness i tell you what. i mean sarah's boyfriend oops fiancee got off his mission this spring, they met while hiking up the mountain with friends and now this fall they're engaged. oh yeah i forgot to ask when the wedding date was... with a mormon - who knows.
i love all y'all

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