Thursday, October 7, 2004

dangerous chick flicks

seriously peeps. chick flicks are dangerous. hazardous to my health dangerous. i leave them just wanting to run out and find someone to snuggle with.
there are no guys in utah that i can snuggle with.
now the problem is apparent :)
of course if i were more open to meeting new people i suppose i could have made new guy friends by now that didn't have girlfriends. but i already have so many friends and they're wonderful people, they're in muncie, but they're amazing. i don't want to replace them. i suppose i could figure out a way to make new friends without replacing my old ones but that's confusing.
i'll just focus on getting enough sleep and doing my homework.

...still it would be nice to have someone to be with.

sometimes i want to have someone to fall asleep next to
and someone to laugh with
and someone to love me when i'm stupid
and someone who i can abide being around
and someone who doesn't make me wonder who they would rather be with
and someone who doesn't want me to be someone else unless that person is a better me
and someone who will just lie next to me with their arms around me
someone to fall asleep with and dream my dreams with and then wake up the next morning and spend my life living those dreams with that someone.

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