Monday, October 18, 2004


okay so sarah went to salt lake city to go to a missionary homecoming for one of her fiancee's old companions and it ended up being john bytheway's home ward and they sat right behind him in sacrament meeting.
melissa got scheduled to work.
so i needed a ride. my home teachers were able to take me and since they took me they offered to let me sit by them so i did.
it ended up being the sunday where instead of sunday school, relief society, and priesthood we have a two hour long chastity, morality, dating, and marriage talk.
i really would have prefered to be sitting next to my roomies for that one, but hey i know my home teachers a little bit better now. they're hilarious.
i met my visiting teachers today. ambrosia from hawaii and leigh from colorado. they're really nice. leigh and i are actually both on the enrichment meeting committee so i already knew her a little.
i wish i knew more people in my ward. i just don't know how to join their apartment complex friendships. they're all tight with the people that live near them. and i don't. i mean i have friends out here, but it would be nice to have more at church. i'll work on it... :)

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