Wednesday, October 20, 2004


so... i locked myself out of my house yesterday. there are five people that have keys to my house.
1. me
2. my roommate sarah
3. her fiancee jeff
4. my roommate melissa
5. her best friend who is not her boyfriend kyle

jeff and melissa were both at work
kyle and sarah were both in class

let me add that yesterday was the first day it got really cold. it rained and the top half of the mountains are covered in snow.
so yeah cold.
so sarah got done with her classes two hours after me but it was too cold to just sit on the porch because unfortunately all of my friends live on campus, not close enough for me to just go to and sit and wait.
so i started walking.
i walked all the way from my house to 900 South in OREM. it took me about an hour and a half. kyle found out and drove by and picked me up.
by then i was in a rush to make it to my next class. he fed me let me in to my house. by then i had missed my bus to class so he drove me. i was in such a rush when i switched my books from my morning classes to my afternoon classes that i still DIDN'T REMEMBER TO PUT MY KEY IN MY BACKPACK.
i'm an idiot.
i did however remember this time to grab a coat, scarf, gloves, and mittens.
luckily sarah and jeff were home when i got there that time so no more being locked out.

but yeah i have to go get ready to go to a emerson drive concert! yip yip I hope they play "I don't have to be me" and "I should be sleepin'" I really like those two songs. in fact i think they're the only songs of theirs that i know... :) love ya! smooches!

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