Friday, October 1, 2004

aargh death to buses

okay so lol. i have a meeting with the secound counsler in the bishopric at 6:30 at the church house. i figure that i should leave at 5:30 just in case the bus takes longer than i thought. on sunday's my roommates drive me to church so i've never really paid attention to where the church actually was. however i thought i had passed it on my bus before and i remember that there is a bus stop right in front of my churcfh so i think i'm golden good to go
or not.
yeah so i forgot that i'm utah. it was totally a different church building. sad. so i get off the bus because it's just getting further away from where i need to be and i start walking. unfortunately i don't know where i'm walking towards. i get out my cell phone and call kyle, maria, reed, linda, carolina, melissa, sarah j, sarah haynie, sarah homer, maria, and yeah no one knows the address or isn't home or whatever their reason. no one can help me.
so i'm wandering around in a town that i'm completely unfamiliar with and i have three exams next monday so i'm stressed out so i'm like crying when all of a sudden this man comes up behind me
but apperently he was an nice man, not a freaky man, and he said "excuse me but are you looking for someone" i said no i'm looking for my church buildling. he asked me which ward i was in and i told him and he said oh it's half a block that way. i walked half a block and sure enough there it was!
so i'm half an hour early and i decide to sit on the stoops and study but then yeah half an hour passes and there are no cars in the parking lot and the doors are all locked... suspicious so i call the number that called me to set up this appointment but it was the roommate of the guy i wanted but he gave me the right number and he was surprised and said he would call the first counsler and lo and behold the meeting was supposed to be at the first counsler's house, not the chapel. unfortunately i didn't know where that was. so the guy and his roommate came and got me since it was their fault i was at the wrong place and then waited during my appointment and took me to campus for a concert at 7:30
oh yeah, i got a calling. i'm on the enrichment committee. wahoo. lol
so the concert was classical and jazz music played by a piano and clarinet. it was pretty. i had to go for my music class. i've decided that i like instrumental music better when it's either an amazingly good musician or a large orchestra. i'm still more of a vocal music person.
after the concert i studied with ryan for one of my exams, his girlfriend holly was there too. she's pretty cool.
so yeah i'm exhausted now from getting so emotionally stressed out by being lost and on foot.
maybe i should get a job and save money to buy a car...
i'll still get lost...
but at least i'll be driving.
night y'all

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