Michelle Halley Collett née Boling
Michelle, Mimi, Pumpkin, Kitten, Mimzer, Mimger, Zer, Meems, Mims, Michelina, Mimsta, Wifey, and Mama—they're all me. I'm not really sure which one describes me the best, but perhaps when you read them all together, you can begin to get an idea of who I am.

Little Me

I am a young mother and wife who is basically loving life. My main joys, outside of family, are having an organized home, reading a good book, exploring new cultures, and having the freedom to sing as loudly or dramatically as I want.

Teenage Me
Adult Me

I'm generally optimistic and prefer to give everyone the benefit of the doubt (as I hope I'm receiving from everyone else!). I'm a college graduate, something of a busybody, and an on-a-break editor. I love finding good ebooks that don't cost an arm and a leg, communicating in foreign languages, drinking hot chocolate, and successfully cooking new recipes. (Sadly, the last one does not occur as often as I like. Oh, the trying happens often enough. It's the "succeeding" part with which I have difficulty.)

I spent most of my growing up years in the Midwest, and I am the youngest of four. I have two amazing parents who instilled in me a great sense of self worth and confidence. I honestly believe that given enough time, I could do almost anything.

I have lived and loved many places: New York, Michigan, Indiana, Utah, Virginia, Maine, Ohio, Brazil, and Mexico. Next to add on the list is Gabon!