Jeffrey Wells Collett
Here he is—the love of my life. He's mostly known as Jeff, and I must say he's pretty wonderful. 

Some of his hobbies are teaching our children new skills and staying abreast of all things athletic (collegiate and professional). Honestly. Whenever possible, he follows all mainstream sports and some random ones as well. He loves attending sporting events and getting to play sports. He hopes that some of his children will share this love with him someday.

He thrives on competition and is always striving to improve himself and learn new skills.

Professionally, he works for the State Department as a Facility Manager with the Foreign Service. He graduated with a degree in Facility and Property Management from Brigham Young University.

Due to his work, he has been able to travel to Zambia, Equatorial Guinea, and Laos, and our family has been able to live in Brazil and Mexico.

He's always willing to find the humor in a situation and often chimes in with witty, sarcastic quips that will help you find the humor as well.

He honors the covenants he has made.

He makes me feel like a queen—cherished and loved. Could I ask for anything more?