Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February Summary

Let's see . . . what happened in February that I never got around to posting.

My brother Dan, sister-in-law Rachel, and niece Emily came to visit. (Rachel got some good pictures.) Emily is Jill's closest-in-age cousin, and they had a lot of fun together! It was impossible to not think of Tabitha, especially with Danny walking/crawling around. Tabitha is Danny's closest-in-age cousin, and we the moms had big plans for them being buddies. Rachel and Dan recently learned that their next child (Rachel is expecting) will be a boy. So Emily's little brother will be the only other (so far) boy cousin in the Boling family, so of course he and Danny will be special buddies, too.

Emily and Jill

My dad got to come down for a short visit as well. My mom spent about a month in Nebraska with my sister, helping her make it through her last month of pregnancy while dealing with two toddlers, a hernia, and migraines. It is always wonderful to have my dad around. He's so fun and helpful.

Danny, Pappy, and Jill

Jill went to a birthday party for one of her friends and had a lot of fun. She has never seen Toy Story, but the party was Toy Story themed, and Jill was pretty impressed by the decorations and goodies. (Well, I think she may have seen a few minutes of it on a display TV at the store once.)

Henry, John, Naomi, and Jill
(It is impossible to have all the children in a photo smiling and looking at the camera. Impossible.)

My sister Amy gave birth to her third daughter: sweet little Heather! I get to meet Heather in April, and I am so excited! You can't tell from this picture, but Heather has a ton of dark hair. I wonder if it will stay dark. Her sisters are such blondes! (Actually, so far all of the Boling grandchildren are blondes (blond for Danny!) or redheads. No brunettes. So, she may be the first!)

Hallie, Hanna, and Heather

One last highlight was our quick trip to Louisville. We drove down one a Friday with my in-laws and brother-in-law. We stayed at a hotel (whose logo is green, so Jill calls it the green hotel) and had fun swimming. (Well, Danny didn't exactly have fun until the very end.) We spent the night there, and then the next morning my brother-in-law Kyle stayed at the hotel watching Jill and Daniel, while Laurie, Daryl, Jeff, and I went and did sealings. It was really wonderful sealing together families for whom we had done their other work. And being together as a family made it even more special. Also, Jeff and I were sealed in the Louisville Temple, so it was cool being back there with him. It was just a really nice trip all together. (If you're not sure what I am referring to when I walk about sealings and temple work but you're curious, click this link.)

Jill and Grandma

And okay, I have been trying to decide whether to post the following or not, because I don't want to embarrass Jill some day, but it is funny, so I'm caving.

We were at a party, and Jill was downstairs in the basement with the other kids. All the parents were upstairs. (In hindsight, perhaps not the best idea.) Jill came upstairs with a panicked face and said she needed to go potty. Unfortunately, she already had gone. Jeff said something to her about not listening to her body and asked what had happened. Jill said, "I was watching a Bug's Life, and I totally peed." Ha. She totally said "totally." Did she get that from me?

Also, I was doing laundry the other day, and Jill and Danny were "helping." (Jill did help for a while, separating socks and underwear from the rest of the clothes.) Jill found one of my sports bras. (Yay! I've been going to the YMCA again!) Jill put my bra on over her clothes, walked up to me, and said, "I guess this is called a cha-cha. Do you like my cha-cha?" Oh my. She definitely did not get that from me.

Monday, February 20, 2012

It's a jungle out there!

Jill, Daniel, and I went to the zoo with my cousin Matt and his family. Jill had a lot of fun with her second cousins, although she never quite caught onto their names, which is unusual for her. I think it was tricky, because all of their names start with "K" or "C," so she got jumbled up. She loved them though. Tickets are half price during January and February at the Cincinnati Zoo, so how could we not go? Today was really sunny and in the 40s.

On the way to the zoo, Jill and I were listening to the radio (while Danny was sleeping). Jill kept asking me about the different lyrics, and for one she said, "Mommy, did he say 'my heart was sick'?" I replied that he did. She asked, "why was his heart sick?" I said, "well, maybe he was sad." "Why was he sad?" "I am not sure. Why do you think he was sad?" There was silence from the backseat, and I assumed that our conversation was over. Then her little voice piped up behind me, and she said, "Maybe he didn't have any friends." I replied, "that would make him sad, wouldn't it?" And she said, "yes." So I asked her, "would you be his friend?" And she said, "Yeah, I would be his friend." I thought that was really sweet.

Danny really did enjoy himself, too. I promise!

Jill kept calling the manatees "whales."
But she did sing "Barbara Manatee" for me.

Christian told the girls to act like wolves for this picture. (We were at the wolf exhibit.)
Jill obviously struggled a bit with this artistic direction.

Daniel loved the slide!
And Christian was such a good helper today! (They all were actually.)

Jill might be a bit fixated on death, or perhaps she is just unfamiliar with sleeping animals, because she was convinced that the penguins were dead. (They weren't dead.) They even blinked a few times. They barely moved at all.

Also, when we entered one exhibit that was housed in a building, Jill said with awe "Are we in Africa, Mommy?" That question was rapidly followed by "Is this a jungle?" "No, is this a rainforest?" I was racking my brain trying to figure out where she had gotten those words from. I couldn't think of any books we had read recently with them, and then I remembered that Saturday night her uncle Kyle babysat her, and they watched both Madagascar movies. So I'm assuming "Africa," "jungle," and "rainforest" must be in those cartoons. And maybe penguins pretending to be dead are, too?

I'm trying to think of what my favorite animal was. I was really impressed with the owl that you see right when you walk into the night predator building. It was huge and just stared at us. I thought its eyes were open at first, but then he opened his eyes—his magnificent eyes—and I realized that the feather coloring design on his eyelids kind of resembled eyes. Tricky. And his actual eyes were gorgeous, a brilliant orange with large black pupils. They were so pretty! But once his eyes were open, he just stared and stared. No blinking almost at all. It was very unnerving. He was just really impressive in general.

The vampire bats were freaky.

The fruit bats were huge.

At the Cincinnati Zoo, they allow the peacocks to roam freely. I think we saw six total. One of the peacocks we saw was at the giraffe habitat. He was perched up on the fence and was pretty high up. A kid startled him, and he flew down into the habitat. That really startled the giraffes. The two giraffes ran to the back of their exhibit. They had a somewhat awkward run, perhaps because their limbs are so long or perhaps because they were frightened. After a minute or so, one of the giraffes ventured back near the front toward the peacock. The giraffe did a sort of dance-stomping-thing seemingly at the peacock and then ran back to stand by the second giraffe again. Some time passed, and then he (she?) "charged" the peacock again. Then he ran back behind a tree. The peacock eventually flew back up to the fence. It was pretty funny. I don't know if giraffes are skittish in general, or if they have a general dislike for peacocks, or if it is because they are zoo giraffes and are not used to other animals invading their space, but it was a very humorous scene.

The white lions were beautiful.

Bearcats and red pandas look funny.

Sea lions make me laugh.

We had a very fun day at the zoo.

What is your favorite animal, and why?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Jill in the morning

Here are two conversations I had with Jill this morning.

Jill: "Mommy, I need some candy."
Mimi: "Jill, we are going to have breakfast first."
Jill: "Mommy, I need some Valentine's chocolate. I had a bad time."
Mimi: "You had a bad what?"
Jill: "I had a bad time. I need some chocolate."
Mimi: "Oh. I'm sorry about that, but we are going to have some oatmeal first."
Jill: "Mommy, I had a bad day. I need some chocolate candy."

Jill: "We were just sitting here talking."
Mimi: "Oh, you and Danny were talking?"
Jill: "No. Danny, me, and Elmo were talking."
Mimi: "What were you talking about?"
Jill: "We were just talking about Joseph Smith."
Mimi: "Oh. What did you say about Joseph Smith?"
Jill: "I said Joseph Smith's little brother was Jacob."
Mimi: "Oh. What did Danny say?"
Jill: "He said, 'I don't like Joseph Smith.'"
Mimi: "I see. What did Elmo say?"
Jill: "He said, 'I do like Joseph Smith.'"
Mimi: "And then what did you say?"
Jill: "I said, 'I like cereal more than Danny.'"
Mimi: "Oh, okay."

Then during breakfast, Jill was singing this song. I couldn't tell what she was trying to sing, so maybe she just made it up.
"Open up the Book of Mormon
And you'll see
Count the pages
And there's Joseph Smith again."

When she was done singing that song, she started singing "Castle on a Cloud" from Les Miserables. That is one of the songs I sing to her before she goes to bed. Aww. :)

The joy of Oreos

And a little bit of Jill in the afternoon!

Jill had some friends over today to play. After they left, Jill was talking about one of them. Jill said (and names have been changed to protect the innocent), "Maria sat on the potty, but she didn't wash her hands." I said something like, "Oh, that's too bad." And Jill replied, "Yeah. You should send her an e-mail." I asked, "You want me to send her an e-mail?" And Jill responded, "Yes. Send her an e-mail and tell her to wash her hands." I hope Jill doesn't mind that I just blogged it instead!

Monday, February 6, 2012

What a great day it has been!

I remember a past post I wrote referring to how the day had been unbelievably long and then I realized it wasn't even noon yet.

Well, today the opposite is happening somewhat!

It isn't even 8:00 am yet, and I am awake and feeling awesome. So, Daniel for over week now has only been waking up once or twice and then waking up for good in between 7:00 and 8:00. Compare that to the last six months of my life, where he woke up on average four times a night (oh, the unspeakable horror of being woken up eight times in one night!), and then sometimes was up for good around 5:00 in the morning. It has been a very sleep deprived fall and winter. So, now that I have had over a week of almost non-interrupted sleep, I feel so good!

It is amazing—nap time comes around, and out of habit I think I should take a nap to battle my exhaustion. But then I realize that I am not actually too tired. So then I do other things! I have time to myself! I might scrapbook again. I might sew. I finally got to read a book! It's fantastic.

But this not-being-exhausted-throughout-the-whole-day state of being got me to thinking.

And the thinking culminated last night when I decided that perhaps I could try waking up before my kids instead of being woken up by them, and maybe I could wake up early and do things before they wake up. I used to wake up early for seminary, so why not now?

So, I set my alarm clock at 5:30. And I got up! Danny woke up (for the first time that night!!) at 5:45 am. I nursed him, and he went back to sleep. I left for the YMCA at 6:00. I ran a mile (while listening to a General Conference talk!), and then came back home. I took a shower, actually did my hair, wrote in my journal, and read my scriptures. I put a few things away, and now I'm blogging.

One of the other best parts about this day is that I looked at my calendar and the day is completely empty! No pressures or deadlines. No rushing Jill to get her shoes on and no manipulating Danny's nap schedule so I can be somewhere. Fabulous. Just fun with my kids as a well rested mommy.

So, it isn't even 8:00 am, and it already feels like a full day, because I have been able to pack so much awesome into it already.

What a great Monday.

I hope you are having a great Monday, too!