Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Definition of Tired

Currently, to me the definition of tired is not paying a bill because I am out of stamps and then noticing after a period longer than a week that the envelope I have to pay the bill in is not only self addressed but also requires no postage if mailed in the United States.

They're eager to get their money I guess.

And I'm slow on the uptake. It even said in the letter (that I read) that the envelope was stamped.


(I also recently tried to put the cereal in the refrigerator and the milk in the cupboard, but that could happen to anyone.) :)

So . . .

What is your favorite or most current definition of tired?

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Family of Four

We still fit comfortably in both of our vehicles.

There is still one parent per child if they are both upset at the same time.

We still fit at our kitchen table without having to use the leaf.

When Jeff is not home, both children can fit on my lap with no trouble.

I have one arm to hug each of them at the same time.

There have been aspects about being a mother of two that have been surprisingly easy and other that have been more difficult than I had expected.

What surprised me the most the first week is how guilty I felt all the time. There were a few parts of my life that I was very used to: 1. giving Jill all of my attention, 2. having a tidy house, and 3. being able to do both of those things completely on my own. After coming home from the hospital, that just didn't happen. Every moment I spent with Daniel, I felt like I was stealing from Jill. And any time I spent with Jill, I felt like needed to be given to Daniel. And then there was laundry to be done, dishes to be washed, meals to be cooked, and rooms to be tidied! Tears were shed, emotions ran high, and I wasn't sure I could handle this new life.

Then my mom finally couldn't hold her tongue any longer and said, "you know, Mimi, I didn't come here to be on vacation." Hm. She made a very good point!

Once I remembered that she was my mommy just like I was Jill's mama, things got a lot easier. Sometimes it's hard to let someone help you though. And of course then whenever she had Daniel or Jill, I was jealous of that time. Ha.

I finally just had to let go and realize that my babies would survive without all of my attention all the time. I mean, I'm the youngest, and I had to share my mom with three siblings, and I obviously (ha) turned out pretty great, so surely Jill and Daniel could handle sharing me, too.

And they do handle it very well. Daniel almost never cries when Jill hugs, kisses, pats, or squishes him. And Jill doesn't mind sitting next to me instead of on my lap while Daniel is nursing. Or how she says it, "Daniel eating. Eating." She does occasionally get bottle jealousy. Haha. She'll pretend that she wants to feed Daniel, and she will for a while, and then she'll take his bottle and put it in her mouth.

Binkies have been an issue as well. Jill used to only get her binkie when she was sleeping and during long car rides (and occasionally as a last resort at church when she was fussy). However, Daniel has his binkie in his bassinet all the time, so she sees it a lot. Since she always wants her binkie, she thinks he must as well. So she always climbs up and tries to put—shove—it in his mouth. He does not always want his.

Or she'll see it and decide that she should have it, so she'll take it from his bassinet—or from his mouth—and plop it in her mouth.

This has made me resort to letting her have her binkie whenever she wants. In an interesting turn of events, she has rejected the Nuk binkie that used to be the only one she would accept and now has returned to a Soothie binkie. Hers is pink, and Daniel's is blue-green.

Occasionally, even with her pink Soothie, she'll try to take Daniel's, because one of her various stuffed animals needs a binkie, and apparently the toy's need is greater than her brother's. :)

I'm interested to see if sibling rivalry will develop more later. Right now there is none.

Jill has another new development this week. She calls me "Mimi" half of the time now instead of always "Mama." She did that for a little bit early on, but she hasn't in months. I wonder if it is from hearing my mom call me "Mimi."

My mom, as I mentioned, helped me survive the first week. I have been by myself this second week, and things have gone well.

I had food on the table for dinner every night except for last night, and we only stayed in pajamas all day once. I feel pretty victorious.

An interesting piece of information I have learned by staying home all day for two weeks is that my daughter has a very regular sleep cycle. She wakes up almost exactly at 7:00 am every day. She is ready for her nap by 11:30 and is asleep by noon. She always sleeps between two and three hours. She is ready for bed again by around 7:00 pm and is always asleep by 8:00. She will usually lie in her crib for a while saying "Mama," but she doesn't cry. Sometimes she sings to herself. Then she drifts off. It is nice to know what to expect and unexpected to discover that I was forcing her to sleep at unnatural hours through all my activities and running around. I don't plan on being a slave to her sleep cycle, but I do plan on letting it work for me.

Daniel does not have a regular sleep cycle. He is slowly spending more time awake every day. Right now if he is awake, he is either pooping, trying to poop, eating, or wanting to eat, so it has been wonderful to have a pump, because I can only nurse nonstop for so long. It's still painful! He still has night/day confusion, but it is improving. His longest awake time is in the evenings right now. Last night he was awake from around 7:00 to 10:30, which allowed me to have quite a few hours of consecutive sleep!

Since he is so sleepy during the day, I have always been able to get him to nap during Jill's nap, so then I get a nap in and some stuff done, so life is good.

Life is very, very good.

People have asked me if Daniel looks like Jill did. You can decide.

Jill had red hair and the very defined V hairline. Daniel has brown hair and a rounder hairline. I think they have the same nose and mouth though. We'll see how his appearance progresses.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Something You've Forgotten

I was speaking to a friend the other day about how surprised I have been by aspects of having a newborn in the house that I had somehow already forgotten, even though it wasn't that long ago with Jill. She has eight children, and she said that there is always something that she has forgotten about, too.

I have been surprised by . . .

  • How many diapers he goes through! I had completely forgotten that newborns go through eight to twelve diapers a day. I am very used to Jill only going through three or four a day.
  • How much breast feeding hurts at the beginning. Jill nursed until she was 15 1/2 months, and that was what I remembered. How easy it was. I had forgotten that it really hurts for the first few weeks. (I'm hoping the pain ends soon!) 
  • How much milk you create at the beginning. Or maybe I'm not actually making more; newborns just eat less than a bigger baby does. There is always too much, which isn't all that comfortable either. I honestly have been wondering how I ever kept going with Jill, because with her I didn't have the remembrance that it does get easier later.
  • How it feels to keep going on this little continuous sleep. I know that zombies are not real, but I think that new mothers might be the closest equivalent zombies have in reality. :) Of course, we look much more attractive than zombies. We just feel like them . . .

So, have you forgotten anything recently? Something that you've already lived through and thought you remembered? Like how cold winters get? Or how long it takes to scrape off your car in the morning? I'd love to hear it, because I'm really wondering how I could have forgotten those things.

I guess if you don't forget, then you might not want to do it all over again? ;) Just kidding. I love being a mom, even a new mother.

I just feel slightly robbed of the last month, but again I shouldn't complain, because other than being sick at the beginning, the last month is really the worst month—in the physical comfort department at least. But I really didn't have the mental preparedness time I expected to have. The final month is when you get everything together and really prepare for baby to come and the fact that a delivery is going to happen whether you want to or not. (At least for me.) It seems though, with Daniel coming at 35 1/2 weeks and Jill coming at 38 weeks, that perhaps I should start preparing in the eighth month, because I may not get a full ninth month. Although, with that attitude, our next baby will probably come two weeks late!!

Jill loves Daniel, so I really am blessed. She is constantly talking about him and wanting to see him or touch him.

The only possible display of jealousy that she has shown is wanting his bouncer, swing, and bassinet. She's always trying to get in them—regardless of whether it is already occupied by her brother! So, I have to be on guard for possible squashing.

She is always kissing him and hugging him. She loves saying "Daniel" and "Danny." "Brother" doesn't really come out as clearly.

It's really sweet when she comes over, pats his head, and tells him it's "okay" during his diaper changes, which—in true newborn fashion—he hates.

She's very curious about how he eats, but she has never mimicked that with her dolls. Yet. She does love  buckling her dolls into his car seat and putting his diapers on them. She has pretended to pump with my breast pump though. Haha. The first time she saw me doing that, she kept exclaiming "owie, owie, owie!" Little does she know how painless that is compared to what Daniel does!

Life is good though. The first week had some mood swings for me, but having my mother here really helped me make it through. Jeff's family has been very supportive as well, and this second week has been smooth sailing—so far!

just hanging out like buddies

Oh, and this isn't something that I have forgotten necessarily, but it is something I don't remember. (Same thing? Perhaps.) About when does the neck start being able to support the weight of the head? I am looking forward to that!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mostly just some pictures

I wish I had taken a picture the day before 8 months, because my baby belly really was large, but now I have no proof. I was waiting until the actual 8 month day, but as you all know, that day did not happen as I had planned. So, here is a picture of a few days after 8 months.

Here is one of the last pictures of Jill as an only child
(and one of the last pictures of me before the pain really started getting serious). :D

Daniel with the gunk on his eyes, but Jeff looks cute.

Jill is pondering how she feels about all of this.

 Jill and Daniel: Together, at home, at last. 
Stay tuned to learn more about how we adjust to life as a family of four!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Surprise! He's Here.

Good morning, sunshine!
Well, Daniel Wells Collett apparently decided that January 7 was more appealing than his due date of February 7, because I woke up at 4:45 am on Friday with my water broken and we welcomed Daniel into this world at 11:25 pm. We will be going home from the hospital today, and we are both doing great.

Our new son is named after various family members. Daniel Collett was his great-great-great-great-great grandfather. He was born in England and died in Utah. He was an American pioneer who walked across the plains and helped tame the wild west, working hard to turn the desert into a livable home.

Wells Ivins Collett is his great-great grandfather, and Wells Frost Collett is his great grandfather. And my husband's middle name is Wells, so now you know where our new baby's name is from.

Of course, it must be noted that I do have a brother named Daniel who is very wonderful and I love very much, but both of my brothers are wonderful and have great names. I just happened to marry a man who wanted a son named Daniel.

Dr. Jill
We have been blessed with not only the wonderful blessing of health to mother and baby but also the assistance and kindness of many attentive nurses. I am so grateful to the service they have rendered and how their caring made our stay as comfortable as possible, under the circumstances. One nurse was very sweet to Jill and let her play dress up.

I have also received great care from two physicians from my OB/GYN office. I had already met and liked both of them, so I was happy to have them on my side. I do wonder though how long I will be remembered by them as the patient who requested a fourth fern test.

After the first three, the doctor did not feel like he could say with 100% assurance that my water was broken. At 4 1/2 weeks early, you don't want to induce labor unless it really has already begun on its own. He told me to go home, and my discharge papers were printed. However, I requested and was granted a fourth fern test and finally was able to prove that Daniel was on his way.

It was incredibly relieving and gratifying to show that I had not lost complete control over my bladder. (If the amniotic fluid were not leaking, then really the only other possibility for the underclothing moisture was wetting my pants!) Hopefully if I ever do lose control of my bladder muscles, it will be much later in life. I am too young for that sort of blatant organ disobedience!

First Family Photo
So, long story made short, our family has increased to four, and we are all happy and well. Daniel has already been held by all four of his grandparents and half of his parents' siblings. We feel very blessed and humbled by this gift from God. And Jill seems thrilled to be a big sister.

That reminds me. One of the most touching memories I will take with me from yesterday is Jill constantly sidling up to my hospital bed and saying, "Mama okay?" One of the lessons I will take with me is to always eat before going to the hospital, because they probably won't let you eat. And the experience I will never forget was the miracle of watching Daniel emerge (with the assistance of a well placed mirror).