Tuesday, March 30, 2010


The world has changed a lot in the past few decades. I can't think of the last time I read a newspaper. I don't even watch the news on TV. I personally get all of my news from the few magazines I read, internet websites, and occasionally the radio. I like to stay abreast of what is going on, but every now and then I hate what I have learned about our world today. However, I feel like there is an important trend growing in our culture that is being ignored by many, and I want to address it. That said, please know that the following is not uplifting, so if you don't need to read something depressing, don't continue.

People are escaping their lives by relying on technology instead of people. Humanity is purposefully losing touch with reality.

What do I mean by this? I mean men and women who ignore their families and lose their jobs because of the time they're spending on gaming and other sites. Some even die. Story

I mean a middle schooler who may face child pornography charges and time in jail for selling naked pictures of his girlfriend from his phone. Story

I mean people who view pornography and lose the ability to have satisfying, real relationships.

I mean the man who was arrested for suspicion of stealing a car and then killed three men. After being captured, the man said, "Life is like a video game. Everybody’s got to die sometime." The story and a similar story

And most recently, I mean the couple who let their baby starve to death while "nurturing" an online baby. CNN news story link Another covering of the story

Never before has it been so easy to escape your life by creating a new one. As one of the articles mentioned, imaginary friends used to be just that. Imaginary. Through video games and the internet, imaginary friends can now take precedence over your real life.

So call this an isolated incidence if you want. Ignore it if it makes you feel uncomfortable. But know that I honestly think our global culture is headed toward a world where fantasy—online games, social networking sites, 3-D movies, texting, etc.—is more popular than reality.

Because reality, of course, does not offer instant gratification nor does it grant you complete control.

I have to be honest with myself and ask how much I have allowed virtual relationships and the internet to overpower physical relationships. Do I ever make Jeff wait to talk to me or do something, because I want to read one more blog post? Do I ever ignore people at my house to look at one last picture online or write one more message? Do I read about celebrities online instead of reading my scriptures or other edifying literature? Do I let Jill cry one more time or get into another cupboard, because I'm busy uploading pictures on facebook?

These might be small things now, but if you don't monitor yourself, they can easily become out of control. As they did for that couple and their poor dead baby.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Song

So, as previously mentioned, I sang "I Will Always Love You" in our recent ward talent night. Someone has posted it on youtube, so now I can put it on my blog. Someday I'll buy a cord to connect our camera to the computer. Some day. Tee hee. This camera was just on a tripod, so that's why the video doesn't follow me when I walk off screen at the end and why you get some footage of my husband's shoulder and a bit of my baby. Jeff says she's crying at the end. Haha. I would like to think she's singing along with me. :)

So, in all its glory, here is the $3.50 Goodwill dress. Please note that I am wearing a white shirt under the dress. I am not that pale nor that immodest. :)

Also, I reiterate that while I did a good job at the talent night, it was not my best. Jeff says that the mistakes aren't that noticeable, but they make me cringe. So for all of you who have a discerning ear, yes I did go flat occasionally, yes due to my nerves I could not always control my vibrato, and yes I almost lost it at the end. But, I always kept singing and all together, I think it pulled together quite nicely. I just wish I hadn't gotten nervous. Oh well, if wishes were butterflies . . . I'd be covered with them. Haha. Okay, how does that really go?

"I Will Always Love You" was written (lyrics and composition) by Dolly Parton. My version is closer to Whitney Houston's cover of the song.

Again, if you're on facebook, you can actually watch it on facebook, a friend put it up. Click here to watch it on facebook. Although, if you're not his friend, I'm not sure if you'll be able to view it, but it's worth a try.

You can also click here to view it on youtube.

Enjoy! I had fun doing it. I hope you have fun watching it!

Friday, March 26, 2010

It's that time again

You know how every now and then I get fired up about issues going on in the world and our country. Well, I've recently joined a group that will enable me to learn more and talk to other people about these issues. I'd like to share it with all of you.

Liberty Discussions

If you are viewing this through facebook or e-mail, you'll need to go to my actual blog to watch the video. Click.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Well, it's been a while.

Okay. I'm monstrously behind. A lot has happened.

New House

New Car

New Niece

Well, the niece (Hanna Rose) isn't 100% new, but she's pretty darn close to being brand new! (She was born in January.)

In my absence from my blog, my friend Amanda and I drove to Illinois and then Nebraska and then back again to help my sister move. And then my parents came to visit for a week. I also have not been feeling too well, but I am on the mend now, which is very good news. Spring has come to Cincinnati, and with the help of my parents, I have lots of flowers planted now, donated from their yard and the yard of Amy Whitney. (Thank you!) I am pretty excited for them to start blooming: hydrangeas, roses, irises, gladiolas, periwinkle, black-eyed Susan, hostas, tall grass, a wildflower mix, chives, and Egyptian walking onion. I think that is everything.


She's got herself an armful of cuddliness!

They got along really well, except for the occasional smack down.

Spring has come!
We have actually had some really nice days in the 60s. Jill is just wearing her coat, because evening was approaching, and it was chilly in the shade.

The most recent exciting event has been my ward's talent extravaganza event. (Okay, that wasn't the real title, but isn't it exciting?) :) Jeff played a drum duet. (Jeff says that I can't call it that, because calling it a drum duet "takes all of the manliness out of it.") Okay, Jeff played a cadence on the snare drum with a friend (Mason) who played on the tenor drums. It was pretty awesome. Our whole marriage, Jeff has used his hands to drum on every available surface at almost all times, but I've never seen him actually play from music with actual drum sticks. I really enjoyed it. :)

I sang a song (shocker). It was "I Will Always Love You" as made famous by Whitney Houston, but actually written and composed (and originally performed) by Dolly Parton. I had no idea she was so talented (to compose and write, as opposed to just sing). It went well. The dress rehearsal was better, because I wasn't nervous, but the performance was all right. I didn't embarrass myself.

Both the drums and the song were recorded, but I have no cord to connect the camera to the computer. I'll work on that. Our sister missionaries also sang a really cute song called Eastgate Love. I love our missionaries.

Jeff Collett and Mason Blackham

On a sad note. Well, not really sad. When a friend heard I chose "I Will Always Love You," he commented that I was going straight for the "diva song." I hadn't thought of it that way, but when he said that, I thought why not? So instead of wearing jeans, I wanted to wear a fancy dress. Well, apparently I don't fit in any of my fancy dresses anymore. One of them just barely buttoned, but none of the zipper dresses closed. Now, I don't feel too bad about this, because the oldest one was nine years old, and really a woman's body changes a lot from 15 years old to 24 years old (not to mention after having a baby!), but it is sad. I liked those dresses. It was fun to have them just in case something ever arose that would necessitate me wearing a fancy dress. Now I don't have them to fall back on. I've been trying to decide whether to keep them for Jill to play in some day or give them away. And I've been trying not to feel fat. Haha. I am back to the weight before I had Jill, but I am not back to my weight from when I graduated from college. That is where I would really like to be. Sigh. Anyway, so I still wanted to wear a nice dress, but no money just for a talent show dress. So I went to Goodwill with my dad and snagged an awesome deal! The already low prices were an additional 50% off, so I got the dress for $3.50. Outrageous. :)

There are a lot of other pictures from these events, but I'll post those on facebook and picasso.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Quick Post

So . . . this past week:

Jill got a seventh tooth.

Jill also got her own bedroom, because we got a house!

Jill's mommy got her very own burgundy van/crossover. (I'm not sure which category it falls under.)

And everyone finally got the internet today. I was about 50 e-mails behind.

Pictures will follow. I promise. Soon. Eventually. :)