Saturday, May 31, 2008


Yeah! It is getting warm! Jeff and I, along with our friends the Bellows (Zach and Brooke) and the Poultons (Aaron and Brittany) drove up the canyon and ended up having a fire near the stream near Bridal Veil Falls, and I got to have my first s'mores of the summer! It was a lot of fun. Brooke and Brittany were tired, but feeling good, so we had fun.

Here are the cute girlies!

The boys definitely had fun on their own. I'm not sure what they're were talkin' about, but there were lots of sports, stories, and crazy schemes going on. Little boys again. ;)

Jeff is carefully studying his s'more.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Softball Summer

So, one of the things I love about Jeff and that amuses me about Jeff is how seasonally he loves his sports. In the summer, it's softball, soccer, golf, tennis, and disc golf. In the fall, it's football and flag football. In the spring/winter, it's basketball and racquetball.

When I like a sport, I want to play it all the time, but he goes through these moods. It's fun though, because that means that I get to watch him play a lot of different sports all year round and I get to watch him watch a lot of different sports on ESPN all year round. Hehe.

Here are some pictures from his game earlier this week. He didn't walk anyone, and he hit a home run! It was a good game for him. His team lost though, but it was a fun game. :)

Do you see the ball up in the right corner? He just pitched.

Now he's about to bat. What a cutie!

This was his home run I believe. Either way, look at him go!

Yeah, he's totally safe!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Collett Update

Hello All!
It seems to be about time for me to write another one of these letters. :) All is well in the Jeff Collett household. Let's see . . . I am still working at Heritage Web Solutions and enjoyed it. I have been chosen as my supervisor's replacement whenever management gets around to promoting him. So, it's a compliment, but right now all it means is that when he's gone I do his job. That's cool though. As all of you know, I'm sure, I like being in charge. Bossing people around and discovering more effective ways to do things is like second nature to me. That's not always been a good thing, haha, like when I'm not in charge for example! :) My supervisor was a bit disappointed when he asked where I planned to be in five years and I said at home with two kids, but so far I'm still being trained to do his job.

Jeffrey is continuing his internship with the Church. He worked for the Parley's Canyon Facilities Management Group is Salt Lake City. While he does not enjoy the commute, he is having great experiences. They let him do a lot on his own that he will actually do when he is the facility manager and not just an intern. He has had the opportunity to open bids, invite construction companies to bids, preview properties, present ideas for future developments in buildings, etc. He could explain it a lot better than I could. I just know he comes home happy every day and really enjoys his boss and other interns. Since he's in Salt Lake, there are a lot of really cool old church buildings that he gets to explore. Like one had a movie theater inside of it! He was walking up where the old school projector was (this was in black and white silent movie days), and there were notes on display that were found from back in the day with girls talking about cute boys. Some things never change! He was in another building that had small swastikas on the tiles as part of the design because pre-WWII, the swastika had a completely different meaning before Hitler used it for his purposes. Due to it's more well-known meaning now though, they are discussing have it removed. There is another church building that is in the shape of a cross, so it's fun for him to explore those and see the influences that all of the different cultures of Latter-day Saints brought with them. Since most of them were converts back then, they brought aspects from their previous religions with them; hence, a building in th shape of a cross. Enough about this, you can ask him for all the interesting stories if you want. :) It's not just chapels either. There are seminary buildings, really old buildings that aren't used anymore that Church members used to live in, and some granaries or some sort of food processing buildings.

Anyway, that's our jobs. He's still in the bishopric, and I am still activities committee mentor. We have a lot of fun in the BYU singles ward.

Ryan, Jeff, & Kyle Collett and Jonny and Jimi Fox holding Amy Aiko Collett

We got to see a lot of family members recently. Jeffrey's brother, Jason, got married in the Mount Timpanogos Temple, so a lot of extended family members from the Colletts were here in Utah for that. Then last weekend, Jeff and I traveled to Cincinnati for the wedding reception, and my parents drove down from Detroit for the weekend, so I got to see them, too. That was really wonderful to have Jeff's parents and siblings, as well as my parents. We got to see Peter and Mindee a bit a few weeks ago when they were out here for Mindee's sister's wedding.

Mimi Collett and Bree Fox trying to hold Jason Collett

Next month, Jeff's best friend from high school, Chinh Nguyen, will be visiting with us for a week. Jeff was able to get work off the whole time, so I'm sure they'll be up to no good! ;)

That same month (June), I'll be in Muncie for one of my best friend's wedding (Michelle DeWitt). I am pretty excited about that. I fly in on my birthday and will be with Peter and Mindee, and I hope to see Danny and Rachel now that they live there. Then, I'll be in Muncie for two and a half days for the wedding festivities and to see other friends. Then I get a whole day in Lafayette with Amy, Devin, and Hallie, so I am very, very, very excited to finally meet my beautiful niece!

In July, we'll be back in Indianapolis for a family reunion with some immediate family, and I am very excited about that.

Then to top off an amazing summer, I won a cruise at work! Unbelievable, huh? My work is paying for our round trip airfare and a 4-day, 5-night cruise in the Bahamas. We're stopping at two different locations there, and since the stops are so close together, we'll get to spend a lot more time than you usually do on such a short cruise. It is with Carnival. Jeff and I are quite excited. It's from September 7th to the 11th. Yay! They've been doing drawings for trips, TVs, iPhones, etc., and they drew mine!

I can't think of anything else to mention. Oh yes, my choir season is almost done. Our final concert is quite an honor. After years of auditioning, we were finally invited to be a part of the music series on Temple Square in Salt Lake City. We get to sing in the historic Assembly Hall. We sang there for a Christmas concert, but that was just a few songs in a series of many, many choirs. To actually get our own concert all to ourselves and be part of the Temple Square Performance Series is an honor. I'm very excited. Since I'm not from Utah, these are buildings that I just hear about and see on TV and in magazines—not buildings that I ever thought I'd have the honor to perform in!

Okay, I think that's everything. I love all of you, and I miss you all very much. I am excited to see those of you who I get to see this summer! Write me and let me know how you're doing!

Love, Mimi (& Jeff)